Why Storyscript?

Experts agree that the majority of human interaction with technology will be voice-driven by 2030. What does that mean for your work and business?

The programming tools and languages available for today’s creators share a fundamental flaw:  they require steep learning curves to translate your ideas into software. Translating our ideas into computer code is the problem, not the solution. Imagine you could talk to a computer, what would that interaction look like? Would you be thinking of boxes and wires, diagrams, or code? Or would you be communicating your ideas naturally, as if talking to a colleague? After all, that is how most software is made today: someone shares an idea with a programmer who translates it into a computer language.

AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, have transformed our relationship with computers at home — a glimpse into the future of work. The days of dragging boxes, connecting wires, copy-pasting data, exporting and importing, or asking programmers to translate ideas into computer code will not age well. The future of human-to-computer interface is destined to be more natural - in our language, not theirs.

Storyscript is the AI conversational-agent for complex data query and workflow automation. It’s a novel, intuitive, and natural user experience — we’re evolved to tell stories, not write code. Our mission is to empower everyone with the full power of technology through a natural human-to-computer interface.

Founding Story

“In the future, can everyone code?” Was the wrong question to ask. Coding is only a tool to create something, it’s a difficult tool to master and has many sharp edges. The future is not about code; it’s about people. Our world is more connected than ever, we leverage technology in ways never thought possible and this trend is not slowing down. The right question to ask is “how can we improve the user experience so that everyone can leverage the real powers of computers?”. This is the question of which Storyscript was founded on which set us on a course to become the wand of modern-day wizards.

For over a decade Steve has honed his skills as a software engineer, yet without a formal education, yet he struggled to learn it on his own — leaving an itch to scratch that would become Storyscript today. His colleagues, who did not invest in learning programming, called upon him to not only fix the internet, but create software and automation that drove the business forward and each team member’s productivity. Ask any programmer and they have a story much like Steve’s.

Years ago, Steve surveyed several hundred people in an attempt to understand their relationship with computers; the results were stunning. Nearly everyone surveyed could express the logic of how they wanted computers to perform work for them, but few had the knowledge to develop it — there was a clear translation problem coupled with a flawed interface. Creating and understanding logic (both equally important) needed to be reimagined to become more human-friendly and accessible to everyone. It’s a future we were promised as kids.

We are dedicated to change people’s relationships with computers. Storyscript is a tool to not create magic, but real-world applications, automation but also perform simple yet tedious tasks. We did this by reinventing the interface from the ground up to be more natural and intuitive by providing a personalized AI-assistant that works with you to best leverage the powerful technologies around you. We removed several unnecessary aspects of traditional software development and significantly lowered the bar of entry to fulfill our dreams of making everyone into a modern-day wizard, a storyteller.

Everyone can code.

Our mission is to democratize software creation and utilization.
Imagine, your entire team with coding powers.
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