Storyscript is the wand for modern-day wizards.

Storyscript was founded on the belief that creating software and leveraging the power of automation must be in the hands of everyone, not just the 0.3% of the world that can program in computer languages. Our story is one that includes you and the other 99% of the world by introducing a more familiar and human interface to build a better tomorrow, together.

Investors & Advisors

David Helgason

Founder of Unity

Alex MacCaw

Founder of ClearBit

Quinn Slack

Founder of Sourcegraph

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen

VP of Engineering at Oracle
Founder of Werker
and others from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Datadog and GitHub


Steve Peak

Founder & CEO

Cole Lawrence

Product Owner

Will Martin

Head of Engineering

Jean Barriere

Software Engineer

Aurelien Arino

Software Engineer

Ayda Oz

Product Designer

Andre Bogus

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We are combining several key technologies that matured over the last decade to reinvent the way people interact with software. Ambitious and bold, nearly impossible but absolutely necessary — challenge accepted.
Steve Peak
Founder & CEO

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